The Boardroom

 The Next Boardroom Meeting Will Be 
July 27th

Have you ever wished you could ask highly successful people what their business secrets are? How they rose to the top and became the cream of the crop? What did they do? How did they do it? What advice could they share that would make a difference in your business or life? Well, now you can do just that.

You can attend a live Boardroom Session and discover a wealth of knowledge that can aid you in achieving your personal and professional goals. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, you will gain new insights. You may attend as simply an audience member or you may apply to present your business model (and challenges) for evaluation and input.

The Goal of The Boardroom is to provide you with the opportunity to find the answers you need. 

The Members of The Boardroom understand where you are in life, because they were there once too. Once average Joes themselves, they figured out how to master business challenges and more – how to change their mindset and rise above – and they took action to make it so. Now they are highly successful and they can help you lean how to change your business. 

In our sixth year,  we are confident you will find your experience rewarding, beneficial and enjoyable. We strive to ensure each Session is something you will think back on when it is over and be glad you came and wiser for it. We welcome your input and suggestions regarding ways we can make The Boardroom experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. Most events are held in Flower Mound at a 7 acre gated estate. The gate opens at 6:00 pm (please don’t come early) and Introductions start at 7 pm.  The Session should be over by 9 pm and attendees are invited to stick around, network and visit with the presenter, panelists and folks there.

Our objective is that you have a great time and leave wiser, having met new contacts/friends and with a big smile on your face. For information on the presenter and to register, visit

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Blake’s Snow Shack with Blake Pyron
World famous snow cones from Sanger’s youngest biz owner, Blake Pyron. Located in the heart of downtown Sanger, Blake brings his cool treats to events with his mobile unit “Roadie.”

Check out Blake’s Facebook page and a news story covering his business.

Special Bonus Opportunity

Why do the rich get richer? Come to a special session at the next boardroom. Miss the traffic and arrive at 5 PM. Have dinner with Charles, some panelists and others at his home before the Boardroom. Charles will be presenting a special session on how to make your money work for you. Lessons the rich learned, to get richer. Learn about the benefit of compounding interest. Learn about safe ways to get 10% plus on your money, and keep it liquid too. Learn about opportunities normally only available to the super rich. FREE with admission to the board room!

For additional information about Charles and his background and new book, visit

Blake Pyron


Blake Pyron was born and raised in the small Texas town of Sanger where he was the varsity football captain, prom king and even Texas Citizen of the Year. Blake enjoyed the spot light as a 2012 Night of Superstars.

But his inspiration story melted hearts around the world with the summer 2016 opening of “Blake’s Snow Shack.” At 20 years old, Blake became the youngest business owner in Sanger, and the first in the state of Texas with Down Syndrome. The story of his snow cone stand made international news, appearing in the Huffington Post, A&E Latinoamerica, Unworthy, Reddit and even the Today Show Australia. You may have even seen his logo on the Leavine Family Racing #95 NASCAR at Pocono Speedway.

Check out Blake’s Facebook page and a news story covering his business.